Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

In addition to excellent design engineers, we have a team whose sole purpose is to serve the needs of the field. Our field engineers have experience in material costs, procurement and installation as well as project design. This combined experience gives them the ability to meet your needs in the most efficient manner possible, providing solutions that are structurally sufficient and budget conscious. Our team prides itself on our responsiveness to customer needs. We believe in the old fashioned and all too forgotten “Golden Rule of Customer Service”.

Rule #1: The customer is always right.
Rule #2: If by chance the customer is wrong, refer back to rule #1.

Some of the more common items they are available to address include:

  • Responding to RFI’s
  • Structural Observation Reports
  • Plan check response
  • Site meetings
  • Model Frame Walks
  • Meet with local inspectors
  • Value Engineering

For immediate assistance please call our office at 951-600-0032 or email our Office Manager, Madison Sollows at